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As I continue to get older, I've found that it has become more and more difficult to care for myself because I'm always putting my family's needs before my own. I have always struggled with my weight and since having my children, my body has fallen apart...almost literally. Over the past few years, I've been dealing with anxiety, fatigue, lack of focus, and weight gain. I knew I needed a change in lifestyle, but it just seemed impossible to find the right solution. And then I learned about Shaklee. I started using Shaklee in July by taking the Vitalizer (multivitamin strip) and after three weeks, I couldn't believe how amazing I felt! It was clear that my body was depleted of all the vitamins and minerals it needed. Since then, I've spent time learning more about health and nutrition and leading others to find what they need to feel great. Shaklee will forever be a part of my life (and my family's lives too)!  Let me know how I can help you explore the best fit for you and your health!Feel free to contact me directly:  beckleyhealth@gmail.com (email) OR 815-761-6575 (text)

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